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A New Movement

The Respect Massage Movement is an opportunity to unite massage therapists against the sexualization of our profession.

Respect Massage Zero Tolerance Cover Pic

The Respect Massage Movement

Massage therapists can easily tell what massage establishments are legitimate and where someone would go to get a happy ending. For some reason, the public doesn’t quite get it. We invest time and money going to school, becoming licensed, and in some areas getting fingerprinted and a background check, and we are still lumped in with sex workers? Wouldn’t it be simple if you could hang a sign on the door of your business stating that you don’t mix sex and massage? It CAN be that easy.

The #RespectMassage movement was created by Joyce Gauthier (aka The Sailing Massage Therapist") in 2019.

The movement is free to join. 

Want to learn more? Click on the words "Respect Massage" at the top of the page to go to the website.

Respect Massage MTs are taking a stand.j

Massage Therapists are taking a stand against sexual solicitations.


Respect Massage: News
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