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Why Hands of Serenity?

What's In A Name

Someone asked how I came to settle on the name Hands Of Serenity so I thought I would take a moment and share the reasons with you.

One reason is that when I was doing mainstream massage, I did not offer deep tissue work, I focused mainly on relaxing, rebalancing and renewing your body, mind and spirit - so, serenity. Even in doing End-of-Life Massage it is all gentle, relaxing and focused on creating a sacred space, providing serenity in the storm of dying and death.

The main reason is that one of my best friends/soul-sisters suddenly died in September of 2017. She was the one who got me hooked on this shiny little show called "Firefly". The ship's name is Serenity. It's a nod to my best friend and a nod to the show.

Even my logo is a play on something from "Firefly" if you're familiar with the show at all. If you're not it still just looks nice 😊

There you have it, the reasons for my business name. Thank You for taking the time to read it.

Why Hands of Serenity?: About

“There's no place I can be since I've found Serenity.”

Joss Whedon

Why Hands of Serenity?: Quote
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